My Grade 10 Year: Murmurs, Thoughts, Explorations, Adieus, Anticipations


Murmurs and Thoughts

Sometimes I like to nag, talk to myself, and worry about things. Perhaps the most unforgettable experience was that we had been under lockdown on campus for nearly four months since the outbreak of COVID-19 locally on February 14, 2022. We remained indoors when “the sun is shining on the rain, and the rain is falling on the sunshine”, which disrupted the plans of myself and many people around us while bringing me different opportunities. [1]

Valse sur un Banc


This year is a good time to challenge and discover myself. When I started school, I was anxious because of a lot of uncertainty. Later, I gradually learned to tell myself to take a breath before anxiety and add a little inaction to action [3].

Stone amphitheater
Waves of the lake at dusk


Boarding school provides an environment to get along day and night, so the relationship between friends we make will be closer. We can also do some things that are not easy to do in day school, such as outdoor movies, picnics, going to the student kitchen to cook, chatting with each other in dormitories, etc. I associated myself with a group of amazing people.

Joyous sunlight


After entering the school, I had an impulse to spread what I benefited from my self-cultivation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but I was a little timid when I thought of this grand goal. I thought for a long time, but suddenly one day, a voice told me that a club will not appear out of thin air. Writing the application form and activity design took a lot of energy after class for me and my start-up partners. After the submission, we also needed to often meet with teachers for approval but we didn’t expect it to pass so soon.

View from the window of my dorm

Looking Ahead

I look forward to DP life and lessons, new friends and teachers at the time of farewell, and more wonders ahead. 



[1] Adapted from Burnett, Frances Hodgson. “Chapter 13 ‘I Am Colin.’” The Secret Garden, 1. ed, Knopf, 1988.



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Yiqiao (Kitty) Huang

Yiqiao (Kitty) Huang


A high school student writing about miscellaneous voices, experiences and thoughts :)